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1 November 2017

1 November 2017
Nine student leaders, Mr Cheuk and I just returned from signing up a sister school in Beijing—Luhe High School. Luhe is a 150-year-old school, overcoming many hardships and difficulties before standing tall and sharing tons of good practices with peers. The cooperation between Luhe and our school means we have a lot to learn from them. Although physically, the two schools are so different: Luhe is 25 times bigger than King Ling, with more than 3000 students learning dutifully around the school lake. 
Students take initiatives in learning as well: preparation work was shared in a pre-lesson period in small-group discussion; when the teacher announced the beginning of the class, all stood up in one second--one second--to greet the teacher.  The teacher’s lecture questions were mostly answered by volunteers, which showed student pre-lesson preparation, and always in complete sentences which the student could carry such a monologue answer for more than a minute, unlike the teeth-pulling experience Hong Kong teachers experience with their lackadaisical students: reluctant to stand up and speak.
But there are some similarities between Principal Xu of Luhe and me. Although Principal Xu had been a student and a teacher at the school, we both assumed our office in 2008, we both groomed a budding alumnus poet, and we both believe in strengthening students’ personality and having them fly higher, as it goes in Luhe: 夢,從潞河起飛。
I am sure this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, for the years to come.
Anson Yang