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1 June 2018

1 June 2018
I was introduced to a movie with some terms describing people which I did not understand right away: alpha, beta, omega. I asked our math teachers to see if these terms were mathematically-related. It turned out that they were slangs on hierarchy of social animals, and much was discussed online regarding alpha male and female, beta and omega were then deduced.
While all men are created equal, knowing a person’s characteristics and strengths would make things easier for him and his encounters. For example, a 6-foot athlete might play basketball better than table tennis.  Different social behavior scholars may define alpha male and alpha female a little differently, but they are mostly people with good leadership charisma, with upright integrity and compassion. For example, scholars describe alpha female like this:
  • She brings people together.
  • She stands up for what she believes in.
  • She is resilient.
  • She is loyal to her tribe.
  • She has self-respect and dignity.
  • She lives her own truth.
  • She does not put other women down.
  • She refuses to play games.
  • She will walk away if need be.
These may be a tad over generalizing people but we can see that these are approachable qualities, and mostly qualities we look for in a leader.  While we hope our students will become future pillars of society through learning and teaching of diligence, perseverance, integrity, and simplicity, we do hope that every student will embody the qualities above, and do their best at every waking moment of their life.
Anson Yang