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1 August 2018

1 August 2018
The summer holiday is half-way gone and it is time for you to prepare for the new academic year. To new students, it is hoped that you can adapt to a new learning environment as soon as possible and enjoy your secondary school life in the coming six years. Although you may need to bounce through adversity along your learning path in these six years, here are some suggestions to learning effectively and preparing for this academic year.
For starters, you should allocate time to study every day after school. Even 30 minutes revision can do wonders in terms of your learning efficiency. As memory is divided into short-term and long-term memory, studying for a few moments can help transform what you have learnt every day into the long-term memory. It is more effective than cramming all the knowledge on the day before examination as knowledge cannot be consolidated by the flick of a switch. In addition, you are encouraged to make sense of what you have learnt every day and integrate it with what you know. By doing this, your learning efficiency can be greatly enhanced.
Apart from studying regularly, it is of paramount importance to set goals at the beginning of an academic year. For instance, you can write down your expected results for every subject that you want to achieve in your examination. Although passing with flying colors in exams and tests is appealing to teachers and parents, you need to set an achievable goal which is based on your ability. More importantly, you should not lower your expectations to meet your performance but should raise your level of performance to meet your aspirations and expect the best of yourselves.
Although students are responsible for going to great lengths to improve academic performance, walking a tightrope between taking rest and studying is also an important balancing act. Having enough rest is key to your learning efficiency as stamina and endurance are needed for the daily challenges of school life. Thus, you are encouraged to structure a practical timetable to have a better time management and transform your studying plan into action. Even though striving for excellent academic result is desirable, you should not ignore the importance of rest time.
Last but not least, it is hoped that you will be well-prepared for a new academic year and that the coming six years of your school life will be enjoyable.
Candy Kong (5E)
For the Principal