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1 August 2019

1 August 2019
We had many visitors coming to our school in the academic year 2018-19, in addition to the overseas students from seven different schools wishing us well on our 25th anniversary.  A local primary school pupils came to sit in our classes, experiencing their life as secondary school students.  A Bangkok school visited us half day, learning our tricks in EMI lessons. A handful of Chinese teachers from a local school visited us to have professional dialogues with our Chinese teachers. Twenty St Markans came to us for a week to make a mark of their learning in our school. Dozens of primary school parents, alongside ours, gathered every other Wednesday to learn about the school happenings.  All these visits enriched our horizons, and bettered our overall learning and teaching.
We believe in learning across the curriculum, and de-compartmentalization. That is, anything students learn in one subject should inform another, and be applied to other subjects.  Discussing issues with people who are interested in King Ling’s learning, we further learn how secondary school experiences inform teenagers in different areas of life, in addition to classroom experience. While school work becomes busier, we cannot let go of any learning and teaching items in or outside classroom, because every item has a special target, and the number of targeted students may be irrelevant for the preparations of all items are equally strenuous and complicated.  We don’t want to design a lip-service activity; we want our school learning experience to be uniquely King Ling.
The new school year is about to begin, I hope that all current students prepare yourselves well for the new school year. I also wish the new Form 1 students have a most fruitful experience with us.
Anson Yang