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1 September 2019

1 September 2019
The unrestful summer saw us doing our best to the prescribed duties or self-imposed duties. Weeks after weeks, a peaceful demonstration started, but somehow it almost always ended with bitter confrontation.  Under the hot sun, there were times when both parties in the street did something they later regretted and then apologized.  But we should note that while apologies are made sincerely, we should not expect other parties to automatically forgive.  There were damages, like cleaning for the vandalism and broken glasses and fences needed to be replaced, not to mention the physical wounds; these bills of replacements and cleaning, refurbishments were footed by everyone whether you agree or disagree to the confrontations. 
Like many of you, I learned about social events through different media who imposed ideas and comments on us. Before we could digest and exercise our critical thinking, another round of messages were thrown at us.  I am no good at politics, but I am sure I share your view of condemning violence, be it verbal or physical.  Violence is not the answer to anything.
There have been talks saying that schools should participate in social movements.  I suggest that we uphold our duties in learning and teaching to glorify our hard work, and the very essence of philosophy and ideology. Let us strengthen ourselves for the society, for the school members, teachers and students, that we possess strengths and wisdom, and allow us to continue to do well the duties assigned.  By continuing our mission, we grow like the wounded pine tree on campus, getting stronger every day.
On some happy notes, among the 104 graduates who received DSE results in July 2019, only one is not taking any tertiary courses; 71 graduates are now in degree programs in University. I am sure students to come will learn well, grow healthily, and make choice wisely.
Be well.
Anson Yang