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1 October 2019

1 October 2019
I have been naughty for quite some time now, that our school calendar has a few self-imposed long weekend holidays.  For example, this year we put 30 September (Monday) as a school holiday, so that most students and teachers would enjoy a 4-consecutive-day holiday.
Of course, all schools have the same number of holidays as mandated by the Education Bureau; we just use ours creatively here and there. I have known it all along that I should not set too many restrictions for students and teachers lest they just meet the minimum target; I believe in doing one’s best. That was confirmed by a veteran teacher when I first joined KLC; I put trust in students and teachers and am convinced that they would do their best. I want my students to focus on study when it is time to learn; I want them to play hard when they should, hence long weekends.
But having long weekends here and there and wanting students and teachers to stay home during long weekends means they work harder during school sessions. Indeed, we see more teachers staying longer hours during school days to catch up, and students too.  That’s why we re-think our study room idea for students, hoping to create a better voluntary private study environment for students after school. If we want to play hard on holidays, we have to work harder during school days.
All kinds of rules and regulations, setup, and framework are guidelines, rather than restrictions; we have to do better than what has been prescribed. This goes back to aspiration and self-discipline.  Self-discipline does not end with oneself; it has the greater good of the community at heart.  For example, we learn about the working holidays for young adults to experience overseas life and come back with a more mature life perspective to contribute to the society. But I cannot understand personal banishment for “searching the meaning of life” for years, letting family members and friends pick up the pieces, foot the bill, and contribute harder in behalf of the exile. To me, that is simply downright irresponsible.
I hope all school members will take advantage of the mini-vacations to re-invent themselves in doing their best for the next task.
Anson Yang