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1 December 2019

1 December 2019
The school has been spending alternate Wednesday lunch hours with parents since 2016.  Some like to call it parent education, the school calls it Think Tank; I like to consider it intelligence sharing. While we know children behave differently at home and at school, and that they grow up so fast that a method bringing up a child may not be useful at all on the other, the sharing of information and methods simply supports parents and allows school to pocket some useful ideas; at the same time, parents know the school’s angles for various issues.
This year, we step up our measures, that we run a total of 12 different sessions: half on Wednesday lunch hours, the other half on Saturday afternoons. Each session comes with a different topic and some set reading. I began the first session by saying that I would be recycling materials used four years ago.  Honestly, my limited experience only allows me to share this much, hence recycling. At the end of the first session, parents commented that although the topic was the same as in four years’ ago (scary is the part that they attended all four years!), the contents were different except for one anecdote, all equally useful. I am highly encouraged, not because of the praise, but because they remembered what had been said, what not. How I wish these parents would be taking DSE for the school.
No matter what topics they are, the aim is to share on how to make the children become better persons; sometimes, parents need to change their own mindset or attitude running the household, too. I cannot emphasize enough that when a child goes astray, adults take the most responsibility. Parents must understand that the school has little control over students after 4pm; therefore, parents must suit up to understand better how to educate their children two-thirds of a day, and full day on holidays.  In these gatherings, although some parents run a more disciplined family than others, all can observe and learn from each other, knowing that there are successful stories if we persist.
Anson Yang