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1 February 2020

1 February 2020
I am tired from all fights we have been doing in this school year, and many deadly ones.  Although we do not have a classroom to go to, I hope students won't think this is holiday. This is not; this is a crucial moment for us to reflect on our personal issues, relationship issues, and immediate and future concerns of who and what we are, on top of the hygiene and health issues.
Treat this a learning moment, as opposed to an all-sleep moment. You must not go out, because of all the virus about.  But do a lot of stationary exercise at home which you learned in your PE lesson, help clean everything at home every day.  Do some required reading assigned by your teachers, and prepare two chapters of each subject this month, because your teachers will rush through some items when school resumes again.  Form 6 students, please pay close attention to public announcements on possible changes of DSE arrangements.
We do not want this to happen, but it does.  It is part of life, and something we all must face together.  We talked about together we stand, divided we fall a few years before, this is the exact moment that requires all of us to stand together to fight this coronavirus.  Not all of us are fortunate enough to get a standard surgical mask, but if you have a clean mask, wear it, not only to protect yourselves, but others, and it is a sign to remind others the danger we are facing.
I am sure we will win this.  Tell your parents, and your family members, that we should and we will win this round.
Please check e-Class messages often. Be safe.  See you all in March.
Anson Yang