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1 April 2020

1 April 2020
First of all, salute to all medical field staff who fight for us in the front line.  Thank you.
The coronavirus continues to spread in different parts of the world; surgical masks have slowly become a part of our life.  Each hand-wash is like a spa treatment that we become very meticulous with the cleaning. We also watch what we put in our mouth carefully.  If only everyone had been such cautious from Day 1.
Although there were talks that school should start, a definite date was yet to fix for all Hong Kong students.  Nonetheless, DSE students are doing their best on fighting two battles at the same time. We do put classroom learning on hold, but we cannot put learning, and life, on hold.  We always hear: chance favors the prepared mind; this speaks very loudly during this period.  While I am sure our DSE students prepared a bit differently in the last two months for their big days, their revised version of preparation will be equally effective, and they will get the results that they deserve.
On campus, we missed quite a number of learning opportunities, to say the least, we missed 50 classroom days where lectures should have taken place, and students learned from peers. We missed our Kontiki week which came with overseas students’ visit, Reading Forum, School Gala, Poon Choi Dinner, and so on.  We also missed our Athletic Meets, Picnic, new Form 1 student interviews, Think Tank activities, and many other ECA events, not to mention cuts on teaching syllabus. Other visits are now postponed to months later. But we make do, to the best we can, for we know we work on what we have, rather than just lament on those we have not.  It is the students’ duties to look for alternative learning means because their environment could not support the requirements, rather than ignoring the learning altogether.
Before we return to school, we should reflect some more on how to prepare the unprepared, and live our lives to the full by participating more in all areas.
Anson Yang