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1 July 2020

1 July 2020
This school year has come to an end, leaving a lot of us in confusion.  What did we learn this year?  If not academic knowledge, I hope students at least learn the importance of self-discipline, and to practice it themselves.
Self-discipline implies the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and to exercise self-control over issues in favor or go against one’s expectation. Taking the coronavirus as an example when we were stranded at home: did we while away days, or did we set a schedule for us to learn and live our life to the full in those four months?  What have we improved? Did we discipline ourselves and held up the highest standard of hygiene issues when no one was watching us? Did we refrain ourselves from forwarding unchecked messages on social media, like messages of shortage of rice and tissue papers? Did we cooperate with others, for the common good, even when it meant that it would inconvenience us somewhat? Did we let our academic performance slip because there was no school to go to temporarily?
So you see, if we keep our standard, or a rung higher, even when no one is telling us what to do every day, and exercise self-discipline, we can improve our life in different ways. It also sets us apart from animals without a boundary given.  Self-discipline means setting our own boundary, one which might mean a morally- or socially-acceptable standard, one that contributes to the greater good of the community, if not for personal faith or belief.
In summer, I hope students continue to refine their self-discipline ability; find one or two issues and make it a habit. Do it and do it well even when no one is watching or monitoring you.
Have a great summer; be safe and healthy.
Anson Yang