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1 August 2020

1 August 2020
Welcome to all new Form 1 students, I hope you will have a fruitful school life with us in the next six years. I hope to formally welcome you on 22 August our Newcomers Day, and on 1 September when our school re-opens.  Of course, whether we can meet solely depends on how cooperative we are in keeping ourselves and the community healthy, so do make sure you do your part: keep distancing, wear masks, wash hands often, and stay strong.
Staying strong and healthy means having enough rest, and plenty of exercise; it also means you eat well: you eat what is good for your body, not what is expensive or what your mouth wants.  Likewise, having a fruitful school life means not only doing your best academically, but also enjoying the communities the school offers you, and making friends on your own. In short, don’t waste time on NOT improving.
There is another thing which we need to learn about secondary school academic life, that it is normal that you are weak in one or two areas.  But you will not be complacent because of this weakness; in spite of this weakness, you do your best and improve.  If you are not good at sports, for example, plan an exercise schedule, and make a resolution to improve by 20% or 30% by the end of the school year. If we keep our standard at a level without improving for a long time while our peers keep improving, we are actually falling behind.
I am happy to report that our Form 6 graduates keep improving over the years; I cannot be more proud with our recent graduates who, amid all adversities, did very well in the DSE 2020.  Congratulations to these high flyers.  I am sure, when we set a slightly challenging goal for ourselves every year, and do our best to achieving it, we will see the significant improvement, a better us in due course.
You always do your best, not try your best. Just do it.
Anson Yang