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1 October 2020

1 October 2020
Finally, we all retuned from the distance learning mode to the traditional classroom learning. Teachers reported that students had done quite well in the last few weeks. Nonetheless, we were not able to grow with students in terms of extracurricular activities.  It is important for students to excel in academic work, but it is equally important for you to do well in ECA. After all, education is to raise a person to become an all-round Renaissance Man.
At this point, we cannot serve lunch at school; the lunch service becomes the greenlight for our school to slowly regain the ECA learning and other after school functions. We need to be cautious; we have been much more mindful than before, perhaps slightly paranoid as well. But because we do not know what trouble the coronavirus might further bring us, we prepare different plans for the future.  For example, we used to have one plan for PTA night, now we have three.
While we keep hearing “new normal” of life, we should reflect on the routines we have been doing. Do we benefit from such routines or will we benefit more should we change our approaches a little bit?  Do shorter lessons, more concise quizzes help us revise better, or must we linger on our past standards? Can we be flexible and still achieve to the best we can?
You can see all these question marks because I don’t have the answers for you.  Only when you experiment them from different angles will you realize how much the “new normal” benefits you.  If it does, congratulations.  If it does not, how do you make use of the experience and improve yourselves.  In short, be a better version of “you” today than the one from yesterday.
Anson Yang