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1 September 2021

1 September 2021
Welcome back.  In numerous occasions, I have mentioned that distance learning is not suitable for teenagers; university students perhaps.  Young adults learn to take responsibility on their own, they can decide their mode of learning and living. But when students are with us, we need to think and learn from their angles, rather than our own alone. Students have been deprived of afternoon campus lessons and activities for almost 18 months, and it is likely to continue if members of the school cannot abide by the COVID shot restriction. Getting shots is a personal / health decision, and I respect that.  But the fact remains that it is a prerequisite for afternoon campus life, as a school, not as a group. Staff, parents, and students work together toward a suitable educational environment.
While it is reported that the King Ling staff reach their 70% share in the school re-open month, we will wait for other puzzles to get in place in due course.  When face-to-face interaction as a school is discouraged for the time being, we extend the lunch travel time for students to reach home, and invite parents and students to make use of 80 minutes in the afternoon for formal online lessons, the lesser evil.
Even when lunch can serve on campus, and all afternoon campus lessons and activities are allowed, I do not expect an immediate recovery but a slow pick-up to go back to our usual normal. Yet, the world improves on its own with or without our input and participation; we need to cope, participate, and excel in the tasks against all odds.  It is against this background that the new school year re-opens. 
We do our best as we always have been. I invite all of you to summon the same spirit, courage, and strength to learn and contribute to the school in this school year.
Anson Yang